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Once thought of as “hospital beds” the adjustable base market has boomed due to the benefits that they bring to the customer. With the ability to relieve back tension, increase circulation, improve airflow to the lungs and reduce or cure snoring and/or sleep apnea along with the ability to ease stomach problems like indigestion, GERD, and gastritis, affordable adjustables are becoming a mainstay in the bedroom. Now that competition has come into the market, the adjustable beds of today not only have higher quality construction and amazing features not found on hospital beds or older adjustables of the past, but they are also an affordable investment that should last throughout the life of your new mattress and the one to come.

We offer some of the best in the business with features like head, foot and neck lift, head and foot vibration, USB charging ports, soft under bed led lighting, and programmable buttons for fractions of the price of some of our competition.

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